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In the rapidly-growing hemp industry, we put our experience to work for you.

At Salem Organic Supply, our founders are lifelong friends who became business partners to make other people’s lives more abundant, healthy, and balanced. We want to help you find your balance with quality, naturally grown hemp products, CBD oil, and edibles that can help you on a physical, mental, and even an emotional level.


The goal of our store is to be the primary source of knowledge you turn to for all things related to hemp and CBD oil, especially if you are new to how these products can enhance and enrich your life. If you live close to us, we can deliver to you for free and even give you advice on setting up your own dispensary (however, please note that processing and delivery may take up to 3 days). With our extensive combined knowledge and laid-back, friendly environment, we hope you feel welcome and eager to come see us anytime to ask questions, try new products, and get our advice.

Recent legislation has inspired the rapid growth and availability of hemp products and CBD oil, and we regularly do research into new regulations and visit Denver, Colorado to see what’s new in the industry. All our products are locally grown and sourced products of North Carolina and are non-GMO, vegan, and animal cruelty-free.

For full-spectrum hemp products, quality CBD oil, and a wide variety of edibles, come and see us at Salem Organic Supply today. We also welcome your call, so feel free to reach out to us to find out more about everything we offer.