Choose our edibles for maximum enjoyment and benefit.

Made from the cannabis flower or concentrates, edibles provide the desired effect of cannabis. Available in many forms, a wide selection of high-quality edibles, including baked goods and treats, are available here at Salem Organic Supply.


One of the main advantages of edibles infused with cannabis is that you can feel the effect of cannabis without the need to vaporize concentrates or smoke the flower of the cannabis plant. Plus, consuming these edibles is intuitive and easy! One important thing to remember about edibles is that since they get absorbed through your digestive system, it can take a little time for the effect to set in. However, the effect will gradually increase and can last for several hours from the initial onset.

To gain the most enjoyment and benefit from edibles, you have to understand the accurate dosage, which is imperative due to the delayed onset time. Additionally, the right dosage will vary depending on whether you are new to edibles or if you have used them regularly for some time. When you stop by to purchase edibles from us, we would be happy to give you recommendations regarding selection and dosing, so you can enjoy your purchase to its fullest extent safely.

We search the marketplace extensively for the best edibles to sell at our store, and we only partner with suppliers that offer high-quality products made with organic ingredients. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at Salem Organic Supply!

Edibles in Winston-Salem, NC