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Are you looking for healthy, sustainable hemp products? Come visit us!

Are you looking for high-quality, sustainable hemp products sourced from dedicated suppliers? At Salem Organic Supply, we are your top source for hemp products, and we can even deliver to your door for free if you live close by.

Hemp Products

Our hemp products can benefit your life in more ways than one, and we offer a full selection of products, ranging from CBD oil to edibles, soaps, pet products, and more. Our products include whole-plant hemp extract, which provides the most therapeutic effect as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotectant, and antidepressant. We marry the latest advances in the industry with environmentally conscious horticulture practices to transform how people use hemp and maximize the benefits of using these products.

Where Does Hemp Come From?

Hemp is a type of dioecious plant and is a variety of Cannabis sativa L. For over 10,000 years, hemp has served a variety of purposes. For example, people have used fiber from the plant’s stems, protein from its seeds, and oils from the leaves and flowers. You can make everything from furnishing fabrics and clothing to rope and building materials using hemp fibers.

Today, one of the most common uses for the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant is making CBD oil. You can use CBD oil to help treat a variety of different ailments, which is why hemp-cultivation is becoming more and more popular.

Hemp is different from cannabis for many reasons, but one of the main differences between these two plants has to do with harvesting and cultivating. Within a hemp field, the male plants will flower much faster and will not produce quite as much fiber. Unlike cannabis fields, there will be sporadically placed male plants among the females, but their primary purpose is to release pollen for the female plant to produce seeds. Hemp plants can also be planted more densely than cannabis plants, and they are typically only cultivated outdoors.

We realize you probably still want more information about hemp and its many uses. Please feel free to reach out to us at Salem Organic Supply today if you have any questions about where hemp comes from or any of our hemp products.

In addition to our impressive selection of quality hemp products, the most distinguishing characteristic of our store is our commitment to everyone who purchases and tries our product. We want to know your story and desire to recommend the best hemp products on the market today to achieve the greatest level of comfort and relief.

We believe our hemp products a necessity, not a luxury, and once you give them a try, the difference they will make in your life, along with our dedicated experience, will keep you turning to us time and time again. We look forward to you becoming our next longtime customer, and we will do our best to impress with our selection and service!

Improve your lifestyle naturally with the hemp products we offer here at Salem Organic Supply. Visit our storefront today or get in touch with us directly if you want to know more!

Hemp Products in Winston-Salem, NC


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