CBD Ointment

Apply CBD ointment directly to your skin.

Many people swear by CBD’s pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. There is evidence that CBD can help with pain and reduce anxiety, but not everyone wants to use CBD oil or vape cartridges to benefit from this part of the cannabis plant.

CBD Ointment

If this sounds like you, one thing we recommend at Salem Organic Supply is CBD ointment. This ointment is basically like a lotion that has a high concentration of CBD in it. You can apply CBD ointment topically to any area that is painful or inflamed for near-instant relief. You may want to give CBD ointment a try if you struggle with:

  • Arthritis
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Jaw pain
  • Acne, psoriasis or eczema

But CBD ointment can help even if you don’t have an ongoing and painful condition. It’s great to have in your medicine cabinet for those irritants and pains that pop up from just living life, and it can provide relief that a normal pain-relieving cream or over-the-counter pain reliever can’t.

What’s great about CBD ointment is that there’s usually no limit to how often you can use it. Since it is a natural product, you can keep reapplying until you feel like your pain is gone or you’ve reached a level of relief you’re comfortable with.

We can give you more advice about using CBD ointment and what it can help with in your daily life. Contact us today or stop by our storefront to check out the different types of CBD ointment we have in stock.