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Visit our dispensary for CBD oil, edibles, and hemp products.

Are you looking for a new dispensary in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area? Come and see us at Salem Organic Supply. Our local business provides high-quality CBD and hemp products along with the level of service that keeps people coming back. Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or a long-time user, every visit to our dispensary will be worth your time.

Dispensary in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Some of the products that we stock at our dispensary include:

  • CBD oil—There are many benefits that can come from using CBD oil, including pain relief and stress reduction, as well as better sleep. Many people use these products to get these results because CBD oil doesn’t cause a high.
  • Edibles—If you are looking for the desired effect of cannabis, try our edibles. These come in several forms, including treats and baked goods.
  • Hemp products—We carry hemp products that don’t contain any pesticides and that aren’t tested on animals.

We source all of the products we carry at our dispensary from North Carolina. They’re also animal cruelty-free, non-GMO, vegan, and locally grown. Additionally, we stay on top of new trends and regulations in our area, as well as rising trends nationally to remain current in our industry.

We can give you advice and recommendations when you stop by our dispensary for edibles, hemp products, or CBD oil. We also deliver if you’re in our local area, so contact us today to place your order.