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If you’ve been around our store or are familiar with the CBD industry at all, you’ve probably heard about THCA. This is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid you can find in raw, live cannabis, and it only exists in very small quantities in the living plant. One of the reasons so many people prefer THCA over standard cannabis is that it provides many of the same therapeutic benefits of THC without the high.


Currently, there isn’t very much research on THCA to determine what it can help with or with what degree of efficacy. However, preliminary research and anecdotal evidence from many of our customers suggests that THCA will play a big role in cannabis medicine as the industry continues to evolve. Just like THC, THCA stimulates the appetite and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Some studies have revealed that using THCA can relieve pain, help with vomiting, nausea, and appetite loss, reduce inflammation, help with sleep, and suppress muscle spasm. Some report that using THCA improves their immune system function and can help with neurodegenerative diseases.


At Salem Organic Supply, we are your source for THCA. If you’re new to this form of cannabis or a longtime user, we offer this option at a cost-effective price backed  by great service.

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THCA in Winston-Salem, NC